Bboxx Kenya exists to solve energy poverty.
We transform lives
and unlock potential by connecting consumers and deploying innovative products.

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We believe that energy access is the entry point to unlocking a future that is otherwise not possible.

As a next generation utility, we are providing affordable, reliable, and clean electricity and other utility services to millions who are living without, transforming lives and unlocking the potential of communities, cities, and countries.

We are working alongside governments and world-class international partners to help to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in the next decade, with energy access serving as a catalyst for enabling economic development of communities and making progress on a range of the global goals. 

We are scaling through partnering with others, such as our joint venture with EDF in Togo, and through the backing of our investors including Mitsubishi Corporation.


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People provided with access to clean energy using our solar home systems


Metric tons of CO2e emission avoided


Kerosene lamps replaced


People undertaking more economic activities using Bboxx products

We saw a world where technology and business, when used in combination, could allow for unprecedented access to energy.

In response, we founded a trusted, ambitious and open business to transform lives and unlock the potential of millions.


Our co-founders: Mansoor Hamayun, Chris Baker-Brian and Laurent Van Houcke started Bboxx over a decade ago after graduating from Imperial College London. 

Since then Bboxx has grown to an 800 strong global company, united by its purpose to unlock potential and transform lives through affordable, clean and reliable energy and other utilities. To date, we have provided more than one million people with electricity in homes and communities worldwide.

We are scaling rapidly by forging strategic partnerships with governments and world-class corporates. 


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Changing people’s lives

Amellia Auma Owuor

Changing people’s lives

Amellia Auma Owuor

Bboxx has transformed my life. Now my business have more sales and higher revenue due to longer light hours

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We have developed the Bboxx Pulse® platform which harnesses remote monitoring and internet of things technology to deliver energy access in a scalable and distributed model. 

Bboxx Pulse collects billions of data points everyday in order to meet our customers’ long term needs and give them the most reliable service possible.

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