Peter Otakwa

Peter Otakwa

Retail Supervisor Kapenguria
Peter Otakwa

Over four years ago, I got an opportunity to work with Bboxx Kenya. I was not sure about staying long because the company back then was still very small with footprints in Nyanza and some parts in western Kenya.

It didn’t take long for me to realize how fast the company was growing and I started aligning myself for career growth within and outside the call center.

In 2019, a colleague who was handling social media left for an opportunity outside Bboxx and she recommended me to take over her role. I was not sure that I was up to the role but since I was interested in marketing, I run with it. The opportunity turned out to be an eye opener into the business and understanding the customers side of things.

Working within the marketing has been grand. I have grown a lot understanding aspects of go-to-market and communication as well as a bit on digital marketing. This all was a leaning ground for my next phase in the retail team.

About four months ago, I got an opportunity to join the department as a retail supervisor in-charge of the Kapenguria Shop. In the short time I have been in the role, I have learned quite a lot, made more friends and gotten used to having more field hours. I hope I will still be able to maintain my weight.

Generally my entire journey with Bboxx has been interesting because of the support programs and mentors around and the amazing recognition rewards available to outstanding employees. I managed to earn the Bboxx Kenya employee of the year award in 2020 and the feeling makes me put in more efforts into my work.

I am excited to continue making a contribution at Bboxx by helping people gain access to affordable, reliable and environment friendly sources of energy as I continue to climb up my career ladder.

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