Joane Kayibanda

Joane Kayibanda

Head of Operations, Bboxx Kenya
Joane Kayibanda

Joane Kayibanda, I call myself an East African national: born and partly raised in Uganda, grew up in Rwanda and currently working and based in Nairobi, Kenya!

I started my journey in Bboxx on 21st January 2015, right after I had spent slightly over 2 years out of the working environment, pursuing my studies! Desperate to get back into the professional world, I was ready to take up any job-if it was in an organization where I could build my network, which could eventually drive to building my career – Bboxx was indeed the perfect place!!

6 years down the road today: from joining as an Admin for the Africa management office – I got to set up offices, support the teams, to managing day to day expenses, it was such a fun 6 months! The most interesting bit was the parties and employee team building sessions that I got to organize and take part in!! I turned out to be such a multi-tasker that I even helped some of the staff in organizing their weddings, haa!!

Such an amazing experience that led me to my next role, and the next and…. from Admin for 6 months, to 2 years of setting up and managing the Bboxx Rwanda customer service department, to Acting MD for the Bboxx Kenya operations, I am humbled to have been part of a team that transform and unlock potential for millions of lives across the African continent.

Today, as the Head of Operations for Bboxx Kenya over the last 4 years, I am always looking forward to another day, new ideas, and creating positive impact within both the community and in my team. Developing others, building effective teams, and delivering solutions is what I do on a day-to-day basis, but besides this, I am fortunate to work with the management team on building different aspects of the business strategies: from product innovation, pricing, operational efficiency, to Sales and customer service.

Two exciting parts of my job:

(1) Team development and growth – I get satisfactory goosebumps every time we manage to recruit a female technician, young girls ready to take on roles that have been socially pre-defined! This, not being a common occurrence, it creates a strong emotion for me. (2) The gathering crowds in a remote Kinango or Turkana during a customer installation, lights on, TV on, smiles on, gives me a sense of meaning and I can’t wait for tomorrow – couple of more smiles on the continent!

Impact, growth, vision, and value are the definitions of my journey at Bboxx!!

Aluta continua to Bboxxers, transforming lives and unlocking potential!!