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Our marketing professionals play an essential role in bringing our purpose to life

Marketing team

Being part of such a fast-moving industry, it is essential for a business to have a strong marketing function. The marketing function at Bboxx is structured on Brand & Communications, Product Marketing, and Research team.

The brand and communications team makes sure that the Bboxx brand is coherent and consistent across all markets, with a strong presence of social media, public relations, and communications. The team has a diverse and exciting set of responsibilities. From shop designs, digital marketing management, interaction with top journalists to global communication, our brand and communication team works tirelessly to represent our purpose of transforming lives and unlocking potential to the global audience.

Whereas the product marketing team plays a vital role in defining our products throughout the product development and product launch phases to ensure each of our products becomes a commercial success. The team is responsible to manage the processes to define the positioning and promotional strategies along with assisting the innovation team in defining the target markets and segmentation. In collaboration with the brand and communications team as well as local marketing teams, product marketing also builds communication strategies for launching a product on a global scale.

“The fact that I am close to product development, which eventually impacts millions of lives, drives my passion every morning to wake up and get to work. It is an exceptional experience of working with so many different functions at Bboxx across the globe and assisting the business to launch new products and manage the existing portfolio. Being at Bboxx means that your learning curve will always go upwards.”
(Hassan M Khan. Marketing Manager)

As a backbone of any growing business, our research team plays an immensely important part. Based in Africa, the team is comprised of amazing researchers, analyzing existing and potential markets on a daily basis. Some of the key responsibilities of the team include supporting the Innovation team with research to understand emerging customer needs, conducting NPS analysis to measure customer satisfaction, and deep-diving into statistics relating new opportunities to explore.

“Thank you Bboxx for taking me in. I joined Bboxx in 2018 as a one-month intern and have stayed for more than a year as a customer research specialist. The best part of my job is to spend time with Bboxx customers across NGUs whereby I gained incredible experience in understanding our customers’ lives. My team has been so supportive in setting clear objectives, constructive feedback, and a shared ambition to deliver quality outcomes. The research team has been a family to me due to welcoming smiles every time I enter the office.”
(Divine Cyusa. Customer Research Specialist)

Our marketing professionals play an essential role in bringing our purpose to life.