Bboxx and StarTimes Partner to grow TV access to off-grid customers

Bboxx and StarTimes Partner to grow TV access to off-grid customers

• Bboxx Kenya has today entered a partnership with Pay Television Company StarTimes media that will see its off-grid customers across the country access digital television services.

Wednesday 30th March 2022 – Bboxx,

Bboxx Solar which provides pay-as-you-go solar home system services to over 500,000 Kenyans through affordable payment plans, will now offer its customers the option to bundle the brand’s Mdosi TV package that comes with an option for a 24- or 32-inch TV with StarTimes hardware including cam cards, antennas and satellite dish thereby providing Bboxx customers with access to StarTimes local and international television channels.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Bboxx Kenya Managing Director Mr. Jeff Vanden Berghe noted that the two brands will work closely together to offer unparalleled support towards ensuring a smooth customer experience as the energy and media company partner towards transforming and unlocking the potential of Kenyans through access to clean energy, information, and entertainment.

“We will leverage on our individual strengths towards our goal of improving the quality of life for rural and urban dwellers. We are currently present in 34 counties and growing, we see lots of potential in working with off-grid households where through this new partnership, we will not only provide clean energy solutions, but also access to infotainment,” noted Jeff.

Bboxx customers currently place a deposit of KES 5,499 for the 50 Watts Mdosi 24-inch TV option or KES 7,999 for the 80 Watts Mdosi 32-inch TV option inclusive solar appliance, four bulb lighting, rechargeable torch, USB charger. They will add an additional KES 1,000 on the deposit and a daily fee of as low as KES 25 for access to the NOVA StarTimes bouquet. Customers will have the choice to subscribe daily, weekly, or monthly to the pay television service.

On his part, StarTimes Chief Executive Office Mr. Hanson Wang said, “This is a strategic partnership that will enable off-grid customers access our rich content genre, we are confident that moving forward we will not only grow our subscriber base but also play a significant role towards driving access to powerful social benefits that is achieved through access to information and entertainment by the households.”

Bboxx Kenya, recently secured a KES 1.6 billion facility towards providing access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy through off-grid solar home systems in Kenya. The brand plans to acquire a new inventory over the next two years.

This will include 89,600 solar home systems and essential appliances such as fridges and phones which are expected to serve 470,000 people, 80% of whom are based in rural areas and majority of whom currently use torches and non-traditional fuel, such as wood and kerosene, as their main source of lighting.