6 KG LPG Cylinder

The 6 KG LPG Cylinder is our first entry product into the LPG market under our Bboxx Cook brand. It is designed for urban and peri-urban households and microbusinesses that want a clean, affordable solution to their cooking fuel requirements.

The 6 kg LPG Cylinder provides similar value to customers as a 12.5 kg LPG Cylinder, with smaller up-front cost. However, the unit requires more frequent refills than its larger counterpart. The unit is made up of steel to ensure durability over its lifetime. The cylinder comes filled with LPG and a service agreement to refill the cylinder with Bboxx. It is offered as part of the Upfront and upgrade packages.

6 KG LPG Cylinder


Steel HP295​

Unit dimension

313*313*290 mm

Empty unit weight


Gas type


LPG gas mass


Rated pressure (Ph)

30 bar​

Guaranteed tension strength (Rg)

440 Mpa​

Nominal capacity

13 L​

Management at scale

Product, business and customer management through Bboxx Pulse


Pro Cooker

Pro Cooker

The stove comes with two burners, enabling customers to cook two dishes at once.

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