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With more than 350,000 solar home systems installed, we collect over 1 billion data points every day from our globally distributed systems

Data Insights team

With more than 350,000 solar home systems installed, we collect over 1 billion data points every day from our globally distributed systems. Such extensive data helps us understand our customers and products even better.

We have a dedicated team of super talented data crunchers, analyzing the data every day and turning it into actionable insights. The Data Insights team at Bboxx consists of data engineers, BI analysts, and data scientists.
Our data engineers develop new data pipelines to get things into the data warehouse from other systems. Fix performance or data quality issues that arise with the regular refreshing of the data warehouse. They also design and build new structures for databases and the queries required to generate them from source systems to enable better dashboarding and analytics.

“I usually start the day going through some key dashboards to see if they are all up to date. The team is always very proactive to inform the end-users if any of our dashboards have refreshing issues in the night. I look at our DI JIRA board regularly to see what everyone is working in each sprint and will check if I am assigned to review any of the work. I enjoy the conversations a lot with the team to learn new ways of doing things from them and to share my feedback. I often have meetings with business owners to discuss any potential work using data or how data can support business decision making.”
(Hoiyan Tang. Head of Data Insights)

On the other hand, our BI analysts work with stakeholders to design new reporting capabilities, understand the business processes, and translate this into the best logic for key metrics shown on dashboards. The team also build the queries which pull data from the data warehouse to present in a refreshing manner on reporting front-end.

Digging into the depths of data, our data scientist creates statistical models that take in data and output decisions to drive the business process. They also assess data to understand what happened in a past situation and report on what this means for the business going forward, support the business in designing real-world experiments or pilots to get the best results to guide on a path forward.

“It is great working in a team driven by the mission of the business to bring electricity to the developing world. We have a highly-skilled squad, keen to make the best of the extensive data we generate across our ecosystem. Our business model is quite unique, so we have lots of interesting challenges to solve, to come up with the best tools to enable the rest of the Bboxx family to succeed out in the field.”
(Sean De Souza. Data Insight Product Owner)

In the times when data has become one of the most valuable global resources, our data insights team works tirelessly to make the most effective and efficient use of it to add value to the business.