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To solve the global problem of energy poverty, the role of technology is essential

Devices team

To solve the global problem of energy poverty, the role of technology is essential. At Bboxx, we are ambitious to help solve the issue of energy poverty and fulfill UN SDGs. In order to do so, it requires best-in-class technology and our devices team works day and night to bring such technology to life.

Being a vertically integrated business, we design all our products inhouse, with the help of the most talented engineers from the industry. Our devices team is consisting of hardware, production, and support functions. From electronic engineers to firmware experts, all these engineers work in synergy to transform millions of lives.

“As Head of Devices, I run a team of electrical engineers, embedded systems engineers, mechanical designers, and support engineers. We are responsible for designing cutting-edge off-grid power systems, bringing these products to production and to market, and then supporting them in the field to make sure that our customers get a reliable source of affordable, clean electrical power. We work closely with other groups across Bboxx to ensure that we develop the right products for our business partners and end-users, using the right technology and at the right price to support Bboxx’s mission to transform lives and unlock potential through access to energy.”
(Phillip Homer. Head of devices)

The hardware function is based on industrial designers, mechanical, electrical and firmware engineers. They are responsible to bring our products to life. From designing the PCBs to testing the firmware, these engineers work in close coordination with our Innovation team to continuously enhance the experience of our customers.

“I am proud to be part of the development team that is bringing such amazing products to the market. It is an exceptional experience to see the significant impact of our products in people’s life.”
(Hamish Chilton. Product Design Engineer)

Once the systems are rolled out to the markets, the IoT device management team jumps in to monitor the performance of our solar home systems. Each of our solar home systems is SMART, enabling us to remotely monitor and control the systems round the clock. The IoT device management team, along with the devices support function, wake up every morning with one and only one goal – to make sure our systems are operating efficiently in a customer’s house. Each unit generates over 1 billion data points including various alerts. These engineers use key data points like current in, current out, voltage, temperature, and connectivity to understand the consumption patterns of our customers, helping us serve our customers better.

Our dedicated team of hardware engineers is at the core of our business.